Words About Us

"...Tailor-Made Art. A timeless and dark aesthetic with some classic references. An original option for those who want to escape from the Mass Market..."
"...Arte a Medida. Una Estetica atemporal y oscura con algunas referencias clásicas. Una original opción para aquellos que quieren huir del Mass Market.."
Harpers Bazar, Spain 

"...He is a pure Shoe Artist and unlike anyone else. People who buy them love them..."
Wallpaper Magazine, UK

" No two pieces, weather it is one of its signature shoes, jewelry or furniture are alike.
Each one is created with such poetic justice that purchasing a pair of Munoz Vrandecic shoes are a good and forward step back in time.
The Collection provide a breath of hand - treated- and - painted - leather - scented fresh air..."
Hercules Universal Magazine

"...A unique vision through which everything is anything, and anything is everything. Munoz Vrandecic is all about raw experimentation. No wonder each pair of shoes is hand-made 110%. They have broken out from the tail-chasing loop of mainstream design.
Qvest Magazine, International

"...There are touches of Magical Realism, Baroque Reminiscences, Anachronisms. The collections can include seashells, antique furniture legs as heels, mother-ofpearl baby buttons, pearls, old photos..."
"...Hay toques de realismo mágico, reminiscencias barrocas, anacronismos. Sus colecciones pueden incluir caracolas marinas, patas de mobiliario antiguo a modo de tacones, botones de nácar de bebé, perlas, fotos antiguas..."
Ya magazine, El Mercurio Newspaper, Chile